Private Coaching


TMA offers one to one coaching based at Pinkston Water sports.

kayak pinktson wwFlat water coaching can take place at most times, as long as water space is available. The session is Taylered to you. If you want help rolling, learning the basics or looking to improve a specific skill we will work with you using video coaching or other training aids.

White water coaching takes place during a Park and Play session, Monday18:30-20:30 or Saturday 12:00-14:00. Taylered to you whether it is an introduction to moving water or building confidence on the white water course.


For both Flat and Moving water We will give you the skills to develop after the coaching session, providing a progression plan for you to follow.

solo kayaker£30 an hour for Flat Water
£40 an hour for White Water.

Please contact the office directly to book 1:1 sessions

0141 5760163 or 07818569557

[email protected]