3 Star

kayak2Completion of the 3 star awards means a paddler can consider them-self an intermediate paddler, able to mange confidently in a range of more challenging environments, be it large areas of open water or simple rapids. The 3 star award takes the skills from 2 star and applies them to a moderate water environment.




TMA offers assessment in the 3 star Canoe, Kayak and Touring awards at a range of venues in Central Scotland. Generally we base our courses within one hour of Glasgow, frequently using venues such as Loch Lubinaig, Loch Ard, Loch Lomond, the River Teith, the River Endrick and River Tay

We can supply a range of boats and equipment for the course.


3 star Inland Kayak assessment – one day assessment £75
3 star Inland Canoe – two days one training and one assessment £130
3 Star Touring canoe and or kayak – Price on Request.