Boing, boing, boing Spring again

About time we posted a new blog post, Spring is springing today I just think it’s poor design that you can’t see computer screens very well in the sunshine as I’ve had to move back in from the garden to actually get any work done!


We are really pleased with the look and function of the new website and hope that you are to. The calendar is easy to read and easy for us to keep update plus the on-line booking system has already massively reduced the amount of admin that I need to do and should hopefully make it really easy for everyone to book onto the sessions that they want to do. We can’t thank Simon from Revere Designs enough for his hard work, support and attention to detail, if you ever need any web stuff done we’d recommend him in an instant.

An early Easter meant an early start for some of our activities with a Sunrise and Sunset paddle as part of Pop up in the Park. Canoeing experiences from a 3 hour island tour to 1 hour have a go session, these took place at Millarrochy Bay and Tarbet over the school Easter Holidays and we plan some more dates for over the summer potentially adding some other locations such as Loch Ard and Loch Voil.


As usual over the school holidays there was plenty of Duke of Edinburgh Award action and Bob has discovered a new favourite camp site on Loch Voil. He is also writing up a couple of blogs with more detail and advice on things like packing for expedition and expedition food, so watch this space for those.

IMG_0034 (1)

Scottish Canals are doing some major development at Bowling Harbour just where the canal comes out onto the River Clyde one of the plans here is to develop an activity hub that will enable local community groups to have better access to activities on and around the canal such as canoeing, archery and cycling. They put on an Easter programme of events and we delivered the canoeing and archery for this, the weather was mostly kind and we had great fun with lots of young people and their parents who were up for giving things a go and having fun.


Bob has also braved a couple of the gorges that we use checking what has changed over the winter and making sure they are safe for the coming season.  Unfortunately there has been to much change in the Devils Pulpit for us to be happy to use it this year, we do still have a cracking gorge walking venue near Arrochar and a couple more potentially in the pipeline.


You can now find us on Instagram (tmapaddling) as well as Twitter (@TMAdventures) and Facebook (itsyouradventure) We’re trying to keep up to date across all these platforms, which is nearly a job in it’s self!

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