Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Finally getting used to writing 2016, although I did for get what year it was towards the end of December (blaming sleep deprivation for that one!)

We had a lovely, if a bit hectic, Christmas that involved nearly 2 weeks of celebration and seeing Family from Northern Ireland to Newcastle.  Getting out for some sort of venture every time the weather gave us a chance!

The girls leaving out some treats for Santa and his reindeer.

The girls leaving out some treats for Santa and his reindeer.

IMG_0306 (1)

Looking down on a very swollen River Tyne, just downstream of Wylam Bridge, on Christmas Eve

The flooding that hit the UK hit some parts of the world that we love, the lakes were Bob and I both lived and worked.  We meet working for Outward Bound based at Ullswater so all the areas featured on the news are familiar to us and our hearts go out to all those affected, we hope they are managing to get on the road to recovery now.

We’re in the winter close to hibernation stage of the year! Making plans for the coming season which will involve much more of a focus on paddle sport this year.  A website revamp is in progress and should be up and running in the next couple of months.  In the meantime, I’m putting the kettle on and another jumper!

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