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Well I was pretty sure we wouldn’t manage a blog post at the end of August, I was hoping that we’d manage one by the end of September but under estimated how quickly time would fly so we’re getting one in just before the end of October.

The major new from last time is the Tayler Made Adventures Team is increased by one, Katie Ailsa Tayler joined us at the end of August, weighing in at 7lb 10oz. In the 3 week window in which she could arrive she picked the best week and we only missed one day of work! Her big sister Anna is very happy about the new baby and a large part of my day now is spent protecting the little one from the very vigorous hugs and kisses being showered upon her.


How great it was to have an indian summer, we were hoping for it and as soon as the schools went back there it was! Looking for shorts, trying to find the suncream, requests for a paddling pool in the back garden, improvising with a large bucket!

Anna’s 3rd Birthday party was a great success, making dragon flies, chasing giant bubbles, a wild animal hunt rounded off with hot dogs and marshmallows cooked on an open fire. Great fun for all of us and something we will be rolling out as a TMA product in the spring for any one looking for an alternative birthday party.

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Sessions at Pinkston have been on going, the Tourring progression lessons continue to be popular and our last course of the year will be finishing at Halloween with the last lesson in a White Water course.

I ran the third Ladies night at Pinkston at the start of October which was well supported with excellent coaching in the flat and moving water. A great atmosphere again and we’re looking at an afternoon session during the winter one weekend.

IMG_3247 sml IMG_3258 sml

We also organised some Open Air Laboratories (OPEL) training in Mugdock Country Park with the rangers, a day of pond dipping, digging for worms and examining trees. We can now all deliver the OPEL surveys designed not only to help scientists with research but to make science more accessible to every one. Useful for John Muir Awards and we think it will be great to offer to Duke of Edinburgh Award groups as a purpose for their expeditions.

Spot the newt, stickleback and water snail.

Spot the newt, stickleback and water snail.


Bob will be doing some safety cover at the Tay descent on Saturday and there has been a little rain here today so hopefully there will be enough in the river for it to be paddleable!

The quiet of the winter months is approaching so we’ve a family holiday to fit in along with some Media and marketing training based in the lakes.

The youngest member of the team needs some attention now, hopefully it’ll not be so long until our next update!

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