Summer disguised currently as autumn!

So looking back at the blog the Spring was rubbish so we were hoping for a good summer, we got a couple of nice weeks in April (I only know this as I was looking back through photos on my phone and had to check on what date we were all in shorts and t-shirts and sunshine!). Maybe we’ll get an indian summer?

Despite the fact parts of Scotland have had twice the rainfall they normally get life in the outdoor adventure business goes on and I’ve just called Bob trench foot for the last while and banned all his shoes from inside the house! July has been another busy month with a lot of different youth groups coming for afternoons and full days at Pinkston and further a field.

IMG_1380 IMG_1378

We just had a really busy weekend, on Saturday Bob and Declan were working at Lapwing Lodge scout camp near Paisley with Al-Meezan doing kayaking and raft building, while I helped Richie and Lou facilitate a team challenge day for Made Brave at Pinkston. Such a competitive team, there was money on every activity, and much heckling it all boiled down to a couple of points in the end and we hope the team were all back on good terms by Monday morning! The final challenge was a Rokit launch, plastic bottle rockets powered by a bike pump if you’ve never seen or used one here is a clip of a launch from you tube (not ours) and they are great fun!

IMG_1509 IMG_2534
On Sunday with the help of Declan, Ali and Hannah we ran an activity day for 205 Scottish Field Hospital from Arrochar, canoeing and gorge walking. A bit less sun and a bit more damp but still plenty of smiles all round.

IMG_1555 IMG_1560 (2)

We manage to squeeze in a couple of days R and R up in Elgin visiting good friends, drinking coffee, eating cake, exploring rock pools and beautiful beaches and picking up a couple of new kayaks for the TMA fleet.

IMG_2501 IMG_1498

Bob bought me a Dutch oven for my birthday (it only arrived a couple of months late!) and we’ve had it out quite a few times in the last couple of weeks, from baking a cake on the BBQ the night before a friends wedding, to cooking dinner (and pudding) in the garden. We’re also using it to expand our bush craft sessions at Pinkston, the birch woods on the island are prefect for exploring, shelter building and lighting Leave No Trace fires to toast marshmallows on!


The next big event in the planning is a three year olds birthday party (our 3 year old!), it’ll be a wellies and waterproofs event rather than party dresses, hopefully with giant bubbles, treasure hunts, a bit of creative stuff and off course cooking snacks on the fire.

We’ve been trying (with mixed success) to get a blog entry up every month to 6 weeks, with baby 2 due at the end of August I’m not sure we’ll manage that next month but we’ll keep every one posted with any news when it happens!

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